From One Survivor to Another

October 14, 2011

Reasons why people are basically never 100% responsible for being overweight

I wrote this in response to a post about people having “100% responsibility” for being fat, but I figured it would do well as its own list.

  • Food deserts.
  • School lunch programs which rely on fatty proteins and simple carbs.
  • Lack of funding for social programs in poor, person of color communities.
  • Historical trend in which black slaves were given the fatty, not as lean leftovers of the master’s food and forced to make use of it.
  • Urban development and bad community planning which makes it impossible to live without using cars, buses, or other forms of transportation, and very difficult to be physically active.
  • White sugars and high fructose corn syrup in processed foods instead of other sugars which the body metabolizes more efficiently (brown, beet, etc).
  • Budget cuts for school health/nutrition programs.
  • Inherited genetic traits which predispose some people to being overweight rather than others.
  • Government subsidizing of meat over vegetables.
  • Agricultural revolution/enclosure movement removing individual ownership of land for small farms.
  • Suburban beauty codes which prevent homeowners from planting gardens.
  • Edward Bernays’ ad campaign to popularize eggs, meat, and other heavy foods for American breakfast.
  • Regional weather differences which make some vegetables and fruits more expensive in some places than others.
  • Increased use of growth hormones in food.
  • Increase in portion sizes in restaurants and at home— larger plates, bowls, cups, etc.
  • Lack of clean drinking water in some communities (yes, here in the United States), leading people to purchase soda (or bottled water, which is a whole other problem) instead.

You can find all of these things on your own just by doing some research. Look it up. It’s all there.

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