From One Survivor to Another

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April 6, 2012



There are a shit load of radfems attacking trans women on tumblr right now and y’all are fucking SILENT. 

And you call yourselves allies. I am disgusted. 

This ENTIRE THREAD (TRIGGER WARNING for transphobia and ableism) needs you to come collect your fucking people. The radfems are fucking monsters. The following hateful pieces of shit are encouraging violence against trans women in that thread alone:











honestly, based on the very little i’ve seen of this “cotton ceiling” bullshit it is just not safe at all for a ton of non-cis people to read, much less defend themselves. allies are allies not just because they care, but because there are some moments when they need to step up because we are basically not able to deal with crap like this (and shouldn’t have to, because it is not our responsibility)

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    Damn, there’s work to be done! WTF?
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    (This is older, and I reposted because this is still messed up that people would act like this) Jebus what sort of...
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    OKAY. Okay. I’ve been seeing posts like this for a long time and haven’t done much about it. I can’t be silent. I need...
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    I’m sure you think that would be a very nice gesture on your part but do you listen when trans people tell you what they...
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    BOOM. also wtf is up with cis people thinking cis is a slur?? cis is a gender identity; it is not an insult, not a slur....
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    Once again, the only reason to object to “cis” is because you think your gender identity should not need a label because...
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    good fucking lord. textbook example of how NOT to be an ally, right here.
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    No. First of all, *you* do not get to decide if you are an ally. That is something trans people decide. You also do not...