From One Survivor to Another

April 6, 2012

this radical feminism crap is yet another sign

…of too much white feminist reading, and not enough intersectional Women of Color reading.

Not enough critical thought. Once you learn the basics of The Other, dominator-subordinate, and western dualisms…you realize that this kind of “radical” feminism is just not radical at all. All it does is the same shit white western patriarchal society has been doing for ages, but under a different disguise.

Actively discriminating against and hating another group is not radical politics. it’s what western society has been doing for millenia. And it’s especially not radical when your politics hinge upon the same old biological essentialism. It also makes no sense given that non-binary people have so little political and social power. Like the arguments for how threatening we supposedly are literally come out of nowhere.

The only feminism that is “radical” is a feminism which relentlessly critiques and deconstructs the concepts we take for granted— a feminism that seeks to understand flexible, ever-changing identities instead of only accepting set in stone biological ones. We need to understand that western society has forced us into binaries as if they are the only option, when actually human beings are far more complicated, and there are many more experiences out there.

But who am I kidding someone is probably just going to use a false dilemma fallacy and call me a monster when they reblog this

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