From One Survivor to Another

April 16, 2012

Gloria Steinem is a Transmisogynist

[serious trigger warning: very cissexist and transmisogynistic language]

In Gloria Steinem’s Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions (1995),there’s a brief five page essay on trans identities (224-228). It’s basically terrible. Let me quote a few parts:

Was it fair for women to face someone trained physically and culturally for forty years as a man? (226)

She argues that it’s a kind of “mutilation” and appeal to a gender binary:

In other words, transsexuals are paying an extreme tribute to the power of sex roles. In order to set their real human personalities free, they surgically mutilate their own bodies… (227)

She even goes as far as to suggest that valuable resources are being wasted on trans folk, in this weird, backwards way as if we are poor little victims:

Instead of serving more lifesaving but often less lucrative needs for their surgical and hormone-therapy skills, some physicians are aiding individuals who are desperately trying to conform to an unjust society. It’s a small group of successful physicians she [Janice Raymond] names ‘the transsexual empire’.

She cites Janice Raymond’sThe Transsexual Empire(1979) several times in this essay. 

She has apparently denied this charge of cissexism before, as recently as 2008, but it’s right here in this book, without apology, and it is still getting printed and published today.

Just a warning for people who think the 3rd wave has gotten better…some of those (very powerful) people are still around today saying the same ol’ bullshit.

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