From One Survivor to Another

May 12, 2012

Survivor symbol or signal?

I was talking to Toranse earlier, and we were both lamenting how there isn’t some kind of safe signal for people who are surviving.

An example: back in the day when the internet was not as popular, and before eating disorders became very well-known, people with Anorexia would wear red bracelets as a signal to others that they shared a similar struggle. I actually had a red bracelet once, but I lost it. I think the color was blue for Bulimia? These particular symbols have lost a lot of their currency in recent years, though.

Another example is the Ace of Spades ring to signal that someone is asexual.

One big benefit of symbols like these is that it is often dangerous or risky to come out to a random stranger. So the symbol helps remove that doubt and make it safer. Other times, just seeing that helps you feel less alone, even if you don’t talk to them.

Anyway, I wanted to know— what if there was some kind of symbol for people surviving sexual abuse or other kinds of abuse? What would it be? I think it should be something very plain and simple— easy enough to brush off as coincidence if asked by an outsider, but clear enough to be noticed by an insider.

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    I have a triangle tattooed on my hand to represent my own survival; I tell people who ask that it symbolizes life birth...
  2. supersandys-space said: Way to make me weep, Sage! I will never cease to be amazed and humbled by the acceptance/promotion of my little-idea-turned-big-dream. <3<3<3
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    I’ve read the notes/other asks and I hope people post pictures, otherwise I can’t really visualize the idea and I would...
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  8. soilrockslove answered: Would it be weird/missing the point to have a color for psych abuse? or would that just go under black?
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    Yeah. So what I’ve found so far is this: Sexual Assault Domestic Violence Child Physical/Sexual Violence But I think...
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    Yeah, that’s what I was thinking of when I said colors. I also think someone mentioned in the notes how they wouldn’t...
  11. arbitraryweakness answered: Well, I know that the whole ribbons concept there are colors that specify certain concepts, and go as specific as to what kind of abuse.
  12. atalantapendrag answered: Like a penannular brooch?
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    notes) What about...broken circle? To indicate how 1) how healing
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    I would NOT want to go with just one color. I think I’d like maybe two or three distinct colors. I think using numerous...
  15. oneof300million answered: Great idea. I don’t have a suggestion yet, but love the idea.
  16. haroldgillies answered: What about a necklace with a piece of wood on it. Just a simple thing broken off a tree and tied or glued to fishing line. Simple to make.
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