From One Survivor to Another

December 11, 2012

in the real world if i was in some conversation and i was suddenly like,

"Cool theoretical idea. —Myself"

not original research or a study i’d done 

not reading my own work

not saying in first person, “I think this topic…”

but literally quoting myself in third person

like saying, “Well, Elle says that this and this and this” 

everyone would be so confused and weirded out.

so why would it be okay to do this on the internet without appearing to be the stereotypical self-absorbed king who only refers to himself in third person?

like let’s say i went out in public and wore a T-shirt with some quote that I had made that I thought was super smart

and when people came up to ask, “hey who said that”

i told them, “i did!”

wtf are people supposed to think?

yet it is okay here…what?

even if he wasn’t stealing material from other people, that alone is enough reason to be super wary of what he says

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