From One Survivor to Another

May 29, 2013

Tumblr is a direct reflection of consumer society.

the majority of blogs on here are essentially curated personal museums. people are given merit for their taste, not for their ability to create original, meaningful work. there’s thousands of images of boring as fuck “high art” which get 50,000 notes just by existing. users consume these images by the buckets every day, taking very little meaning from them. 

a person can easily gather a thousand followers in a month or two if they consistently post content from a specific niche. someone who only posts original work will struggle to break a few hundred. again, “good taste” is rewarded more than originality. in fact, good taste is viewed as a type of originality in itself; those who consume the most, and what is trendiest or coolest, get the most attention. 

there are even blogs which gain notoreity simply by using the submitted content of their followers. the only thing the administrators of these blogs are good at is networking, and sometimes web design; they don’t have any creativity. and yet, they profit off of it the most. some of these blogs have even sold their own merch or books, with 99% of the content created by someone else. 

this is not to say that there are as many creators out there as consumers; by its very nature, a capitalist system sustains wealth for the few by creating a large pool of people who can’t make their own product. a lack of original artists, and a lack of economic, social, and educational infrastructure for them, is not unique to tumblr.  tumblr is just a perfect mirror of it. 

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